Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Natural Weed Killer

My yard is crawling with weeds and every summer I feel like I'm at war with them. The first year we lived in this house, I used Round-Up weed killer everywhere but then the next summer I was pregnant and didn't want to have the toxins in my yard. I started just pulling out all the weeds by hand but there are some that are just tough! The ones in the cracks in the sidewalk are especially determined and take forever to get out.


I started searching on Pinterest for a natural weed killer. I figured there had to be something out there that could work. I was suspicious that they would work but when I found this one and I had all the supplies on hand, I decided to give it a chance.



It worked so fast! I sprayed the weeds and then started working on the yard, an hour later, the weeds were DEAD! I yanked them out and moved on my merry way. Ding, Dong, the weeds were dead! Now I'm just trying not to spray this stuff everywhere, including my neighbor's yard. So if you are a weed killer like me, get mixing! This stuff is awesome!


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