Tuesday, August 06, 2013

July Photo A Day (and June too!)

I've been keeping up my Photo a Day habit (only missing a photo here and there). I thought it would be nice to show off July and June's photos.

July's Photos

1. Happiness is...#fmsphotoaday a stop at the wading pool while strolling Greenlake., 2. Shoes #fmsphotoaday, 3. Cold #fmsphotoaday Met the ladies for drinks and my Diet Coke had a mustache straw!, 4. Red, white or red #fmsphotoaday Rose Destruction! Some sweet lady gave Molly a rose. 5 seconds later she destroyed it., 5. Love #fmsphotoaday, 6. Fav Smell #fmsphotoaday, 7. Where I Was #fmsphotoaday the Ballard's Farmers Market!, 8. Path #fmsphotoaday Molly on the path to swimming lessons., 9. 3 Things #fmsphotoaday 3 Toothbrushes, 1 for each of us, 10. Smooth #fmsphotoaday Smooth Roving, 11. What I Wore #fmsphotoaday  I swear I changed more times today than usual. This is my final outfit. Comfy PJs, 12. A Bad Habit #fmsphotoaday I've been better lately but there was a point where I was getting a No Water Chai Tea Latte every single day. $$$ I got one today because Molly wouldn't nap so I resorted to the car where the nap gods got her and I got a quiet mo, 13. 4 o'clock Walking with Molly and Pop-Pop #fmsphotoaday, 14. Edible #fmsphotoaday Eggs Benedict, 15. Outside the Window #fmsphotoaday Molly spent a long time waving and shouting bye-bye long after our friends had left., 16. Bottle #fmsphotoaday my current favorite water bottle, 17. Inspiration #fmsphotoaday This may look like a mess but it is inspiration to me! I started sorting my yarn for a major destash today and I'm so excited about it., 18. Number #fmsphotoaday, 19. Building #fmsphotoaday FUN through art!, 20. Hot #fmsphotoaday my latte was perfectly hot this morning (and pretty too!), 21. Fav Food #fmsphotoaday Always Mexican! I'm happy Seattle has some ethnically diverse Mexican food., 22. Grey #fmsphotoaday, 23. Starts with D #fmsphotoaday my two-headed deer!, 24. The everyday #fmsphotoaday, 25. Black/White #fmsphotoaday

June's Photos

1. Starts with B #fmsphotoaday Babies!, 2. A Moment #fmsphotoaday just hanging in the backyard with the family while dinner cooks., 3. On the table #fmsphotoaday the breakfast table, 4. Environment #fmsphotoaday today was a beautiful day in my environment., 5. Transport #fmsphotoaday Molly riding in her favorite car!, 6. Bright #fmsphotoaday, 7. Animal #fmsphotoaday my brother's dog, Phoenix who I accidentally dumped water on after I snapped this shot., 8. From down low #fmsphotoaday, 9. Me! #fmsphotoaday Enjoying the sunshine!, 10. Something Funny #fmsphotoaday Molly has some new sunglasses and they are hilarious!, 11. Greenlake Ducks #nofilter, 12. Kitchen #fmsphotoaday The one room that never remains clean no matter how hard I try to keep it clean., 13. Texture #fmsphotoaday Melmo!, 14. From above #fmsphotoaday, 15. Family #fmsphotoaday Molly and Grandpa, 16. Centered #fmsphotoaday I am centered when watching Molly and her little friends, especially when they hold hands., 17. Street #fmsphotoaday, 18. What I'm Reading #fmsphotoaday Flavia DeLuce! My favorite girl detective., 19. Cute #fmsphotoaday I'm biased but I think this is the cutest little girl., 20. Lunchtime #fmsphotoaday This is how lunchtime ended for a grumpy little girl today., 21. Enjoying Life #fmsphotoaday After enjoying some fro-yo, we took Molly to the water park.  She was thrilled!, 22. Last #fmsphotoaday We're in the (hopefully) last stretch of the basement re-do. As a side note, I'm so tired right now and we still need to do the bathroom floor!, 23. Negative Space #fmsphotoaday a mitten, many more to go., 24. Sharp #fmsphotoaday my knitting needles are sharp., 25. Empty #fmsphotoaday

I'll be uploading August's Photos here based on prompts from Fat Mum Slim!
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