Monday, August 05, 2013

August Meals


My experiment with meal planning for an entire month was a huge success so I've planned out the month of August!

Broccoli Beef Machines

We did have a few hiccups in our plan. Our oven died halfway through the month but thanks to my obsession with the slow cooker, I was able to adapt some recipes to it. We ended up ordering dinner out two more times that I had anticipated because of the oven but hey, things happen!

Enjoying a vegetarian lunch somehow today. Spinach and cheese spanakopita from @weelicious, cabbage salad with tomatoes and avocado with a side of kiwi.

I saved almost $350 on food this month which ummm is good since we need that money to go toward the purchase of a new oven. Fun? Just an FYI, oven shopping is terribly boring and the salespeople get excited about things like steam cleaning features. So this shopping adventure has been terribly un-riveting. 


Without further adieu, here is my August meal plan! Along with these meals, I'll also be doing some canning and jam making. I love all the August fruits and vegetables. 
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