Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Favorites

We had a busy day yesterday. Our usual breakfast out, I got a nice haircut and color and then we celebrated a one-year-old's birthday at a super fun party. Today, today we rest. I'm going to start with these photos. Looking through Flickr while sipping my coffee is a lovely way to start a day of rest.

1. Pot Pie, 2. IMG_5608, 3. Enjoying my morning coffee in my new mug c/o @greyskiesblue and planning to add the other in my next care package to Kuwait. #greyskiesblue, 4. Had fun exploring the world beneath our feet the other night, riding the tube and checking out hidden corners of the underground with @finn @danrubin @missunderground and @davidangell, 5. sunset at siltcoos, 6. background doggie, 7. YISSSS we went for the ice cream sampler., 8. another one for the new quilt, 9. Erin's pretty sweater!, 10. week two hundred & sixteen, 11. mini-muffin brownies, 12. They're the best part of my week. #hooping, 13. Untitled, 14. Day 2391, 15. black currant jam, 16. A Day at the Farm, 17. 33 :: 52, 18. DROOL. The tag that makes all the ladies swoon., 19. Another illustrated sex fact for you, illustrated by me for @bedsider., 20. Monday night booze club with @dearleila - with bonus sunset stroll along the Thames..., 21. Moment, 22. Pippa and the Woodpile, 23. A little bit of the countryside in London..., 24. Whitney Crabapples, 25. Fun times at Kristel and Paul's wedding celebration party
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