Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Favorites

Molly went to her Grandparent's again last night so that we could attend a wonderful wedding celebration. I'm enjoying the quiet of the morning while looking at some of my Flickr favorites before I get dressed to go pick her up. The house feels so silent and empty without her joyous chatter but a nice night of uninterrupted sleep is always welcomed around here.

1. Snow Lake, 2. corn cakes, 3. Backyard Chickens, 4. Day 2386, 5. Facing North, 6. David: 1 Lobster: 0, 7. Corinne's Thread: Smocked Dress and Shirt, 8. [The East Parade (i.e., promenade) and yachts, Southend-on-Sea, England]  (LOC), 9. Number Nine, 10. My pile(s) of books are looking a bit precarious., 11. Lime blackberry tart, 12. Why do I see the back of you, when you see all of me, 13. Lovely Fog, 14. Martha's Vineyard is so pretty!, 15. How Dill Pickles are Grown, 16. starting to stitch some bugs!, 17. Rainbow spectrum lunch. #yaysummer, 18. A green lunch, 19. Non short-haired people love to tell short-haired people how much easier short hair is than THEIR hair., 20. Siren, 21. The trouble with allowing yourself a little late afternoon nap is being wide awake for the rest of the night... The freesias are keeping me company though ☺, 22. YxYY, 23. This year, I chose the chili chocolate to celebrate Theo's Annual S'mores event. With @sprizee & @suomynona & special guest., 24. No Cars, No Service., 25. Barney does NOT like the loud DSLR at all!
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