Saturday, September 07, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 23 Weeks

23 Weeks

This week has flown by! I think the holiday weekend was so much fun that the rest of the week has just blow past. Wednesday was Molly's last day of swimming at the outdoor pool and she is slide addict. We went down so many times but I didn't feel sick this time. Win! 

Molly wanted in on the photo shoot today. She kept saying CHEESE and stepping in front of the camera. I hope Chicken Nugget likes the camera as much as Molly does! 

Molly and I have been practicing calling Chicken Nugget by her real name. It is so cute to hear Molly say. Molly also pats my tummy and says Baby. Of course, she also pats Scott's belly and says Baby sooo there might be some confusion going on. Oops!

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