Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Favorites

I've been on a digital detox this weekend. No computers, no devices, just me, my knitting and my family. It's good. I'm still on it until Monday evening but I'll be reporting on my experience later this week. Until then, enjoy my Flickr Favorites! (P.S. I pre-posted this so I'm not breaking my detox. I'm just posting from the past!)

1. Giant, 2. Guess what this butter-inflated pillow is going to become!, 3. Cabin at the end of the world, 4. Found, 5. Nothing wrong with "day-old" that a light toasting can't fix., 6. a sheep cupcake!, 7. Untitled, 8. biryani pre-rice, 9. Lou Manna_Buttercream Rosette Cake, 10. Hats, spooning #knitting #hat #handspun #thepluckyknitter #purple #yellow, 11. IMG_6054, 12. @bitterpurl sent these adorable cross stitched farm girls to H for her room. Thanks Auntie Y!! ❤, 13. saturday night, 14. Recently Updated1, 15. Hey, pretty city. #mycitymyhome, 16. Oh please...
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