Monday, September 30, 2013

A Pumpkin Patch Visit with a Little Pumpkin


This past weekend, we packed up the car and headed north to the Pumpkin Patch with your friend, Ruby (and her parents). We all went last year and had such a good time that we decided to make this a tradition. We're already talking about our visit next year and I'm wondering if I can sneak in another visit this year!

Mommy no funny

This weekend was a windy, rainy mess of a weekend but I'm still glad that we were able to make it up to the Pumpkin Patch. We hit the farm between rain storms and were able to really enjoy it while wrapped up tight in warm coats and scarves. The girls sported their pumpkin hats which were perfect for the event.

See the chickens

We saw chickens, goats, donkeys, ducks, bunnies, kittens and puppies at the farm. Molly was super excited to hold a kitten and pet the puppy. It was fun seeing the sparkle in her eye. Molly also enjoyed picking out a pumpkin. We ended up with two small/medium pumpkins and a mini pumpkin that Molly selected on her own.

pumpkin friends

We were able to get two years of wearing out of the pumpkin costume that Molly's Granny Annie got her which made me happy! Next year, her sister will be sporting the pumpkin costume and I'll finally let Molly wear something normal to the pumpkin patch.

Mommy no funny

The Daddies were excited about the visit to the farm because they were able to get Apple Cider donuts (I sneaked a bite and they were goooood!) and corn dogs. There were other such treats available which makes me want to go back now!

Fields of Pumpkins

The farm also has apple picking which has me plotting a mid-week visit just to pick some apples. I seem to have a fascination with picking fruit

like this

Even though it was a cold, rainy and very blustery day, we all had a good time at the Pumpkin Patch! I highly recommend The Farm at Swan's Trail. They have so many fun activities and a great selection of pumpkins. 
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