Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 25 Weeks

25 Weeks

This is the week where everything starts getting serious. I had my 25 week check-up and all was super good with Chicken Nugget. She was wiggling so much during the heartbeat check that it took the doctor some time to find her and when she did, she tried to wiggle away! All that movement is a good thing but we really needed her to hold still for just a little bit. The best part was during this, Molly was running around the exam room, laughing and screaming. Luckily my (substitute) doctor has a 2-year-old so she is totally used to that kind of behavior and was actually laughing.

I got the schedule for the rest of my pregnancy (well starting in 4 weeks) at my appointment. Weekly Ultrasounds (Fetal Biophysical Profile) along with weekly NSTs and then my OB appointments will start ramping up. My friend Meg said that it sounds like I need someone to just manage all my appointments and tell me where to go and when. Luckily since these don't start for awhile, I'm able to book them out at a time that works for Scott and I since someone needs to watch Molly. There is no way she is going to hang out with me calmly while I get a NST. The child needs to run and be wild!

Otherwise, I'm feeling good! I've had some pelvic pain while exercising so my doctor is getting me fitted for a pelvic support belt. Then I can keep up the activity without the pain! I like this plan. I've also been getting weekly acupuncture for the gestational diabetes and while I'm not sure that it is working, I know that I like the hour of relaxation.
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