Monday, September 02, 2013

Laboriously Laboring

At just over 22 weeks, I've been thinking a lot about labor. More specifically how I am going to labor with this second child. Am I going to attempt a VBAC or will I just schedule the c-section and know exactly when my baby will be born? 


I list out the pros and cons of each option. I think about Molly's labor and I also think about the uncertainty of it all. My doctor's have been great. They've given me the facts about both options. They've told me what the risks are and what the chances are that I'll be able to successfully VBAC. They've told me that I have options. 

Don't mind MEEE!

I have told my doctors that I am not interested in a second induction. My induction with Molly was so long and then ended in surgery. I mean, I'd rather just skip to the surgery part if it is going to end that way. And that is the hard part, I don't have a crystal ball to say, "This is how it is going to play out." and maybe I'm a bit grateful for that because not everything in life needs to be planned to the millisecond. 

Burrito Molly

But now I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and while not unexpected, it throws a wrench into any plans I might have had for a VBAC. My doctors have told me that I won't be allowed to go past 39 weeks (well I'll be allowed to go a few days due to the timing of everything. I'll be 39 weeks on Christmas Day). Also if I have to go on medication again, I know they'll be even more cautious of everything. This makes me lean heavily in the direction of a c-section. And I then I wonder if I'd be taking the cheater's way out but really recovery from a c-section is so not cheating, except they give you good drugs for the pain. 

I think that might be my biggest problem in making this decision. I want to do the right thing but I also am leaning toward doing what might be the easiest. And in the end, that might be the right decision. Has anyone out there been faced with this decision? What made you decide what you decided? 
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