Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - 1st Day of School Photos


Molly started Toddler Co-Op Preschool yesterday and so I wanted to document the occasion with a 1st Day of School photo. I got out my chalkboard and wrote, "1st Day of Toddler Preschool". I dressed Molly and did her hair. Then I grabbed my camera and headed outside to capture Molly on her 1st Day of School. 




It was so hard to get a shot. Molly kept turning the chalkboard around and licking it. She'd then get distracted by the garbage trucks gathering garbage in our neighborhood. She'd hide behind the chalkboard. 


I finally got one shot that I think will work. Oops! The chalkboard is upside down. Oh well! At least it shows reality. 

coop playing

Molly had a great first day of school. She played in the Dramatics room, frolicked in the Climbing room and had some play-doh fun in the Art room before finishing up with Circle Time. 

coop schedule

Coop climbing room
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