Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Insanity (more so than normal) and the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Level 1 Program


Way, way, way back in 2007, I signed up for the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Level 1 program. I quickly dove in and swatched, swatched, swatched between gathering all the information I could on knitting. Somehow along the way, I got side-tracked. I want to blame it on meeting Scott but really my attention span can be fickle and this is an intense program.


In July, I got a renewed feeling to get back to this project. I found my old binder and I contacted TKGA for new instructions. Of course, letting something like this marinate for so long means that I pretty much have to start from scratch. The one really good thing is that I have copious notes and swatches from my last round. 


I've been busy swatching again while gathering information on knitting. I don't have the same time to devote to knitting that I used to and I still have that fickle attention span. I also want to knit all the things for Chicken Nugget so I'm just going to see where this new obsession goes. I have a year to finish up the project with the current instructions so it might happen (or it might not) but for now, I know I'm having fun knitting swatches and thinking hard about knitting. 


You can follow my progress (or lack there of) on Ravelry on my project page
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