Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Favorites

My favorites this week have a streak of blue and tropical-ness in them. I think I might be longing for the Summer that has just passed us by. This is silly because Fall is my most favorite of favorite seasons! The gourd fest! The leaves! The pumpkins! The crisp air! I just love Fall! 

1. Justine Marie, 2. makings of a quilt, 3. #youbetterbelieveivegotlatergrams, 4. Souvenir, 5. Latest paper origami quilt., 6. Esther at the beach, 7. Look what UPS brought! 25 copies of REMOVED! Wow. This is real now., 8. Ella in the water // Super excited to be joining loads of other creatives at the @Adventure_Always conference in LA in October... Would be great to see you if you can come along - head over to for more info! #AdventureAlways, 9. Les Flottants du Sud-Ouest, 10. Red, blue, green, yellow, 11. Come Rain Or Come Shine, 12. summer light, 13. Day 2417, 14. IMG_2931IMG123, 15. Mitch gets Wiley, 16. Once upon a time I came home at 1 am to find Scott sleeping in a lawn chair on our back deck because he'd locked himself out of the house when the door blew closed. Years later I still obsessively check to make sure I've brought my keys when I work on the, 17. week two hundred & twenty, 18. back to the crochet, 19. Vanilla soft serve with Concord Grape Granita, 20. The best swimming spot... ⛪, 21. IMG_2895IMG123, 22. #brbchasinglight at my brother's house in Kyparissi. Yep, I've got a million and one latergrams, 23. Hey London. You're totally harshing on my post-holiday buzz, 24. fall, 25. Gonna need more of these while knitting this blanket.
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