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Living with Gestational Diabetes while Pregnant

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I have gestational diabetes again. I had it when I was pregnant with Molly and I had a strong feeling, I'd have it with Chicken Nugget. I'm going to start by saying it isn't that bad. It is an annoyance and it does mean that I'll be more closely monitored than women without gestational diabetes. I also run a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes which basically sucks. 

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I was googling, "Gestational Diabetes Diet" because I wanted some ideas for food when I found this wonderful blog, Enjoy It, with a great post on gestational diabetes. In the post, she writes, "I have found that in the scheme of things, gestational diabetes, while annoying, is no big deal. Best case, I change my diet, eat healthy, exercise, gain an appropriate amount of weight & maintain correct blood sugar levels. Worst case, I am unable to manage my blood sugar with diet and exercise & need to take medication. But here's the thing, as long as it's properly managed, I should be blessed with a healthy baby. There can be complications of course. But there can always complications. This is birth. This is life." 

I couldn't have put it any better. And I am a worst case, I will have to go on medication soon. My fasting numbers are not responding to diet and exercise but that DOES NOT mean that I am going to stop trying to eat well and exercise. 

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I thought it might be helpful to show you what I eat on a daily basis. I do have a wide variety in my diet so I don't eat the same thing day in and day out but I do follow the same "rules" when I eat. I don't try to cheat the system because it is not worth it. My doctor will call me out on it because my numbers will show if I am not trying (except my damn fasting numbers which totally and completely frustrate me. I might have some issues there.).

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Here are my dietary "rules":

Breakfast is up to 30 grams of carbs
Morning Snack is between 15-30 grams of carbs
Lunch is between 30-60 grams of  carbs (I try to keep it under 45)
Afternoon Snack is 15-30 grams of carbs
Dinner is 30-60 grams of carbs
Evening Snack is 15-30 grams of carbs

I have to take my blood sugar first thing in the morning. This is my fasting number. Then I take my blood sugar two hour after each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).  In the end, I have to poke my finger four times a day. Sometimes I even have to test at night. Not all people have to test as much as I do. I'm just one of the "lucky" ones. 

Carbs are found in a variety of foods, but mainly in bread like products. I also have to watch for them in things like squash, sweet potatoes, fruits and yogurts. Foods like meat, cheeses and most vegetables tend to have little to no carbs. 

So what does my typical day of eating look like? 


Breakfast is usually two eggs with sausage or bacon and sweet potato hash. I love sweet potato hash! The protein also fills me up and gives me energy to exercise. I usually go for a walk with Molly after breakfast so I need the fuel. 


Morning Snack and Afternoon Snack tend to be on the go so I have either an apple or applesauce packet with string cheese and some nuts. 


Lunch is always a pile of veggies with some chicken or a quesdilla. 


Dinner varies a lot but is a component of vegetables with protein and a small amount of grains. 


Evening snack is the hardest for me. I'm usually tired and just want to go to bed but I have to have my evening snack according to my doctor. I have either a sugar free pudding with nuts or cheese and crackers. It's important to combine one's carbs with protein so I try to do that. 
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