Monday, February 23, 2015

Fourteen Months with Mag-Pie


Dear Maggie,

You are 14 months old and such a little person! You have your very own desires that don't always aline with the rest of the family's desires. In those cases, you really let us know. I admit to having some hearty laughs at some of your temper tantrums. You have passion!


I'm starting to think of activities for you to start participating in. We start swim lessons later this week and I'm checking to see if you can get an age exception into gymnastics class. Like your sister, you are a mover and shaker and need to get that energy out. I'm already thinking ahead to this Summer and all the time we'll spend at the pool. Momma loves to go swimming! 

Love Sisters

You still don't have any words but you clearly communicate your needs (and desires) to anyone and everyone around you. I love watching you find an adult to get you a toy, a cup or something else you've decided you want. I also love how you problem solve to get your wub out of your crib when I've hidden it from you. Speaking of your wub, you are obsessed with that thing now. OBSESSED!

You loved Valentine's Day because you got your first taste of chocolate. It's good stuff, isn't it? You have started begging for chocolate whenever you see anyone eating some. 


We've been hitting up the tot gym a lot and you go nuts. You love ride-on toys and spend most of your time at the gym, on them, going backwards. I like the tot gym because it wears you and your sister out. 

I've signed you up for Toddler Co-Op preschool next year and I know you are going to be excited. We'll go once a week while your sister is in drop-off preschool. I'm also trying to figure out what activity we should do together on your sister's preschool days. 


You are almost down to one nap a day. We are in that time where I never quite know when you need to drop and take a long nap. I've been trying to put you down for two naps but some days you reject that idea and struggle to stay awake until you collapse for two-three hours. 

Makes Me Smile #fmsphotoaday These two monkeys make me smile!

You and your sister spend so much time playing together and it reminds me why I wanted to have two kids. Your sister is sad every day when you take a nap because she can't play with you. She just loves chasing you around the house and dressing you up like a princess. 

Wee Patient Maggie and Mini Doctor McMolly! Maggie went in for some vaccinations today. We had originally delayed the MMR to her 15 mo appt due to a rash she had at her 12 mo appt. In light of the current measles outbreak, I asked if we could come in this

There has been a measles outbreak going on so we got your vaccinations done a few months early. You were excited to go to the doctor until the needles came out BUT this means at your 15 month check-up, you won't need to get any shots! I feel better knowing that you have gotten your vaccinations even if you didn't find the experience to be that awesome. 


Keep rocking, Mag-Pie! You have the best personality, awesome hair (that is growing like a weed) and a smile that keeps me laughing. We love you so much!

Temptation #fmsphotoaday Maggie won't even look at the camera if something more tempting is walking by.
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