Monday, February 16, 2015

Reading with Kids


Reading is a big part of our family. I take the kids to the library a few times a month for either story time, to pick up a few books or just to play (they have awesome Magna-Tiles for loan). We have bookcases stuffed with books and pretty much any time the kids ask for a new book, I'm willing to get it for them. 

Over Christmas, we received a few gift cards to the bookstore. On one particularly rainy day, we headed to the store to acquire a few new books. I let the girls pick out a board book each and then my eyes wandered over to the classics. There are a few that I've always wanted to read but never have. I quickly stacked "Anne of Green Gables", "Little Women" and "The Secret Garden" in my arms.  


My Mom used to read a chapter a night to me from "The Secret Garden" when I was a little kid and I LOVED it. I used to beg her to read to me at night, far after I learned how to read myself. I decided to start this tradition with Molly and so a few weeks ago, we dug into "Anne of Green Gables". I've never read the book and am enjoying the story as we go along. The best part is that Molly drifts off to sleep with a smile on her face during our evening Anne sessions. 

I'm excited to keep reading chapter books aloud to the girls for years to come. It's a fun way to explore some wonderful books, full of grand stories and words. I especially love that the stories are long as honestly I've gotten a little bored with some of our board books. 

What are your favorite books to read to your kids? Do you have any reading traditions that I should steal for Molly & Maggie? 
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