Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Knitting Drama


Every year for the girl's birthday, I knit them a sweater. This year, Molly helped me with the decision process and even picked out the yarn for her sweater. I cast on later and knit furiously along. I didn't finish the sweater in time for her birthday and now three months later, it is still not done. I ran into a big snag.


The dress looks adorable on Molly, just adorable. I know that blocking will make the length perfect. The sleeves feel a wee bit short but again, I think that will be ok.


So what is the snag? Why haven't I finished this sweater dress which is about 95% done?


It's the shoulders! They are too short and look weird! Normally I'd just knit some more but the shoulder construction requires a bit of thinking and honestly, I just haven't had the brain power to figure out the shoulders and stripe combination. 


Am I being picky? Should I just sew on the buttons, block the crap out of this and weave in the ends? If I wait much longer, this isn't going to fit Molly anymore. Is this a project that I just need to say GOOD ENOUGH and move on? What would you do? 

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