Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Sweetest Day


Forty-five years ago, my parent's went on their first date. My Mom was only 15 years old and my Dad was an older 20. I'm not entirely sure that my Dad knew my Mom was so young but that date was the first of many, many dates for them before getting married a few years later. Today would have marked 45 years together for them. Their love continues on even if my Dad is no longer with us through the loving family they created. 

Today is also my brother's wedding anniversary. It is a day of love for my family though Scott and I only half-heartily celebrate it. We gave the girls little buckets filled with socks, stickers and a small toy along with some chocolate. I may have regretted the chocolate after a few breakdowns from Molly and a HUGE mess from Maggie because sometimes I make poor parenting choices. 


We celebrated this morning with my Mom, SIL, niece and the kids by having brunch together. It was a fun way to see everyone. My brother is away for the weekend which makes his wife the nicest person ever. She let him go off on an adventure without her and their kid on their wedding anniversary. I'm sure they will celebrate when he gets back. 

What are your Valentine's Day traditions? Do you celebrate or do you ignore? I believe you should celebrate your loved ones every day especially when it feels hard to do. 
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