Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Marriage, Children and Reading Make Up This Week's Wednesday Around the Web edition

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The rain has returned around here so I've been spending more time trying to find ways to entertain the girls while keeping my house from being destroyed. I've also spent more time online which means so many fantastic links to share. 

Thoughts on 9 years of marriage Beautiful words on marriage

Make&Give30 What a fun way to celebrate turning 30! If only I had thought of this a few months ago when I turned 40. 

Why You Should Wake Up Before Your Children I've been doing this for about 5 weeks now and I have to say it has made a world of difference in my parenting. I now wake with intention, instead of waking in a panic. 

The Saddest Story Ronald Dahl Ever Wrote and all I can say is please vaccinate your children. 

Hauntingly Beautiful Image with a Strong Message

The Amazing Story behind Shake Shack's Branding I'm hoping their huge IPO means they'll be heading out west soon so I can try some Shake Shack! 

Because you were there too Sometimes as the photographer, the memory keepers, we forget to include ourselves. I love that this project encourages one to put themselves in the frame too. Because you were there too. 

Nine Novels to Curl Up with This Winter Gotta get these on my reading list! 

Homemade Yellow Cake Mix - This sounds YUM!
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