Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Art of Accomplishing Nothing

Wee Patient Maggie and Mini Doctor McMolly! Maggie went in for some vaccinations today. We had originally delayed the MMR to her 15 mo appt due to a rash she had at her 12 mo appt. In light of the current measles outbreak, I asked if we could come in this

Today is my off day from barre3. I thought about going but decided that I really needed to tackle a few things on my long to do list. I set my alarm for 6:15 am after deciding that I might as well sleep in a bit if I'm not heading to class (I usually get up at 5:15 a.m.). I stealthy slide out of bed and tip toe down the hallway. I creep to the kitchen and start the coffee maker which I've cleverly set up the night before. I keep the lights off as I do this, blindly feeling for the "on" button. I use the light of the refrigerator to put creamer in my cup before slowly pouring the coffee in. The cats notice I'm awake and start pitifully meowing for their food. I feed them and head toward the dining room where my computer sits on the back of the table. My office is in the basement where it is much too cold this time of year. My office is also a terrible mess that distracts me from my tasks. The dining room is slowly becoming a terrible mess too. I add the task of cleaning up my mess to my list. 

Coffee in hand, I settle into my chair and open my computer while glancing at my long list. That's when I hear them. The littlest one starts crying so I head to their room. I grab Maggie and as I turn to sneak out of their room, I hear Molly say, "I don't want to sleep in my bed!" Now both kids are up and I've accomplished nothing. I pretend that I can still salvage this time and take Maggie up to Scott who is still sleeping. Sometimes Maggie will snuggle back in and they can sleep together for a bit longer. Molly has followed me and so I take her to the den. She claims that she wants to sleep on the couch so I snuggle her under some blankets and attempt to leave. As I walk down the hallway, I can feel success within reach. I settle back into my chair. 


Maggie begins fussing from our bedroom and Molly appears next to me. She wants to watch "a show". I really need to get some things done so I agree to one show. I take her back to the den, set up one show for her and head back to the computer. Maggie has now ramped up her crying. I head back to the bedroom and grab her. I get her some milk and change her diaper. Molly demands some milk so I get her some too. 

I head back to my computer while holding Maggie. Maybe I can get something done while holding her. She tries to mash on the computer keyboard while waving her milk cup around. Milk droplets land on my computer screen as I furiously try to upload our tax documents to the accountant. 

Through the Window

I give up and close my computer screen. Hopefully tonight I'll have a chance to cross some things off my to do list, instead of slowly watching it grow. I head to the kitchen to make breakfast and start in on the day. I'll need to get the kids fed, dressed before we head off to preschool and daycare. I start thinking ahead to lunch. I need to figure out if I can make something before we leave for our activities since they come home from school starving. And the day begins....
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