Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Passionately, Love Madly and Knit like Your Grandma in Wednesday's Links Around the Web

This inspires me #fmsphotoaday

Love Madly, Deeply "Love your laugh — it is you, and you are here — now, in this moment. Know and love your body. I mean really love your body, your mind and your soul; they are all damn sexy on you." Do it now!
InstaCoffeeHobbes I love this and when I'm not off doing barre3, I do like to wake up this way. 
This is my Grandmother's Knitting and I like that! In fact, I didn't start knitting until after my grandmother passed and I inherited her knitting supplies. I don't use most of her needles now but I will never give them up. 
Lost typeface printing blocks found in river Thames I'm a bit of a typeface nerd and this is amazing! 
Simplify Valentine's Day with these simple, yet delicious treats
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