Monday, October 28, 2013

23 Months with Molly Pop!

23 Months

Molly! You are so close to being 2 years old and boy, can we tell! You have a huge passion for life which also means that you can have some epic temper tantrums. You are so inquisitive though and ask all day long, "What's That?" I'm fully expecting to hear, "Why?" out of you shortly.

Morning Troublemaker!

We have been visiting the zoo a lot as you often ask to see the, "Monnnnekeys" and I am more than happy to take you to see the gorillas. The zoo is also a great place to wear you out. You can run, run, run and explore, explore, explore. You also have a deep love for Curious George and I probably let you watch too much of that show but you LOVE him!


You are really enjoying Co-Op Preschool and get so upset if I say that today is not a school day. You want everyday to be a school day. I'm so happy we signed you up for this. The school recently had Pumpkin Night with painting pumpkins, pancakes and lots of play time. Grandma and Grandpa came along with Pop Pop to check out your school. You loved having them there and showed them all the crazy things you get up to. You also painted a pumpkin with your Dad along with painting your hands!


We bought you a big girl bed this month but have not yet set it up. I am hoping the transition goes well. You sleep in a big girl bed at Grandma and Grandpa's and when we travel but this might just be new enough to disrupt your usually great sleep. Fingers crossed it goes well!


I'm feeling a bit bittersweet about you growing up and that soon you will no longer be an only child. As your Dad says, I know that your sister is going to be both your greatest enemy and your best friend but it is still a bit emotional to know that soon I will be saying goodbye to our little team of two and expanding it to a larger team of three. In the end this is going to be awesome! Two little girls giggling in my house will be the stuff of dreams but right now, I'm cherishing our cuddles together and fun times because we've really had some good times together. You, my child, are pretty awesome and I'm so glad that I've gotten to spend so much one-on-one time with you.


Molly Pop! Never forget how much your Pop Pop and I love you. We have been so blessed to have such an awesome little girl enter our lives and I do hope you can be a great guide to your little sister when she arrives. You have so much to teach her. She is not going to know much, other than the fact that you are wonderful, so use that power gently. Be kind to her but not too kind. The two of you will have so much fun together.

Here is a little video that you and your Pop Pop made while I was at one of my many pregnancy appointments. Do I spy a little Curious George on the TV? 
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