Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 10 Pregancy Must-Haves

I'm deep in the throes of pregnancy which got me thinking about things that get me through these final weeks. With my first pregnancy, I felt like I needed ALL the things but this time around, I've gone back to a few staples that got me through last time.

Without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves!


The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

This is my TOP pregnancy item pick. I wouldn't be able to sleep without it. My husband hates it because it takes up a lot of the bed but I love it so much that I refuse to sleep without it. My hips are no longer achy when I wake-up and it helps me sleep through the night.


Soft Form Maternity Support Belt, Universal Medium

I didn't have pelvic pain the first time around but I've had a ton this time. I mentioned it to my doctor who suggested a Maternity Support Belt and this has changed my life. I can exercise again and get all my day to day things done without being in pain and I really like that. 


Along with walking, I've done this video a few times and I love it. Exercise is so important even when I'd rather just lie on the couch and watch television. It actually gives me more energy which is something I desperately need at almost 30 weeks. 


If you can't make it to a prenatal yoga class, this deck is awesome! 


Full Disclosure: Belly Butter did not prevent stretch marks either time for me BUT I love how it feels and there is nothing wrong with rubbing some nice lotion on one's belly and feeling better. 


Speaking of pampering, this kit is awesome! It's full of all the little things that make you feel good and they are all safe to use while pregnant. 


Early pregnancy does bad things to my skin but then I'm limited to what I can use. This stuff is awesome! It clears up my face and makes my skin smooth. 

8. & 9.

These two books are my pregnancy go-tos! They are concise, well-written and health oriented. I like books that aren't cutesy about pregnancy but just tell me the facts. I like the facts. 


Compression Socks are not just for old people! They are the very best thing when pregnant. And if you have to fly somewhere, like I do soon, they are even better. They make your legs feel less tired and help keep them from swelling. 

What are your pregnancy must-haves? 
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