Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Wednesday Links from Around The Web 10.16.2013

Below #fmsphotoaday Molly and I learned a ton about penguins while waiting to meet up with @rangsiwhat today. What a wonderful meet up it was!

You're a Stay at Home Mom: What do you do all day? I have a strong feeling that if someone asked Scott this question, that he would answer it just like this blogger does. What do I do all day? Well I get up in the morning when my child yells for me and start moving. I feed her breakfast, get her dressed, head out for an activity to wear her out and teach her something (preschool, the zoo, the library, the pool, etc), come home, feed her lunch and get her to nap, then I run downstairs to my office where I write a blog post, work on any computer things I need to do before heading upstairs to start cleaning and prepping dinner, when she wakes up, I feed her a snack and then we do an afternoon activity which lately has involved errands or me just staring at her in exhaustion, around 5:30 p.m. I feed her dinner and then give her a bath, when Scott gets home, I work on household chores that I have been neglected throughout the day. Finally after she goes to sleep, I get to sit down and rest. So what do I do all day? I run around after a toddler and it is exhausting!

The Good Mother This post had me thinking for days. Mainly I want to know why women need such validation that they are good mothers. Are people really that insecure that we need to go around telling them that they are doing a good job? It might be my pregnancy hormones talking but I call bull shit on that. If you are worried that you are a good mother and do your best for your children, then you are probably a good mother. Stop being so insecure and stop looking for outside validation. You need to be able to validate yourself. Have confidence in your abilities! (yes, this is harsh but seriously buck up! and stop looking for other people to validate you.)

All the Pumpkin Recipes you ever desired! Here, have a pumpkin cookie. It might make help after my rant above.

Dogs are people too! Fascinating story on dogs and a study using MRI's on them to study their brains.

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