Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TKGA Master Knitting 1 Check-In

TKGA swatches

I have been slacking on this project! I did however make a good dent in my swatches this weekend. I went through my old notebook and compared the swatches along with their instructions to the current set of instructions. I whittled down my swatch list to THREE swatches! I need to swatch up #5, #15 and #16. Once I've completed all of these, I'm going to take a careful look at all my swatches and decide if any need to be re-done. 

CWD: Audit Group - Homework

I've also been busy gathering research materials. My highlighter has been busy! I have a lot of information on my blocking report and just need to sit down and write it. I've also been jotting down notes on my swatches along with answering the corresponding questions as I go. I am only on question three out of eighteen but I'm feeling confident. 

Getting ready for TKGA turn in

And then I do need to tackle the mitten. I'm not really worried about knitting it but to be honest, I find the pattern to be hideous. I just need to get over that and do the work because they want to see my capabilities, not my design sensibilities. So I'm making progress, just slow and steady progress!
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