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The Wednesday Links from Around The Web 10.9.2013

Fremont Directions

If only there were more people like this in the world. *warning: this will make you cry* I remember years ago when I lived in an apartment in North Seattle. I'm sure the guys down the hall were breeding fighting dogs. I've never heard such horrible sounds from an apartment. I worked with my landlady to do something because I wasn't sure what to do. I was honestly terrified of the dogs since they would lunge at me when out on their leashes with their "owners". I wish I would have done more.

When tragedy hits Man! Today's links are a cry-fest but this one hit home. I remember sitting with my Mom in the hospital listening to the machines breath for her and wondering if these would be her last moments. At 30 weeks pregnant with Molly, I steeled myself to have the hard conversation with my Dad, the one where you say, We have to let Mom go if it is her time but we also have to help her fight if it is not her time. It was such a touch and go time. Scott was such a huge support. He'd send me to the hospital to be strong for my parents and then hold me when I got home and cried through the night. I'm happy that I didn't have to say good-bye at that point in time though I know one day (hopefully long in the future), that time will come.

The Meanest Mother in the World  I may have recently snatched this honor from The Yarn Harlot. She puts my feelings into the perfect words. My goal is not to be Molly's friend, it is to be Molly's Best Mom and sometimes that means doing things that Molly does not think are very nice. It's ok though, I'm just doing what I think is best for her and one day I hope she thanks me for that.

There is No There, There  *Sigh* Congress needs the Meanest Mother in the World to talk to them.

Gladwell is Goliath Interesting review on a book I'm planning to read soon.
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