Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 28 Weeks

28 weeks

The weeks are both flying by and slowly crawling along. I'm getting so excited to meet this new little girl and I think her big sister is too. I taught Molly her name and now she says it as she kisses my belly. Don't be trying to get it out of her though! Molly and I are too smart to be sharing :) 

I was plagued by lots of pelvic pain this week which sucked but a good combination of acupuncture, pool time, walking and support belt wearing really helped out. My blood sugar numbers were also pronounced to be, "EXCELLENT" by my doctor which is really nice to hear. 

Next week I start my camping out at the hospital. I have three appointments at the hospital and one with my acupuncturist.  Ten weeks of these kind of appointments are going to be a big ole pain in my booty but I know they are necessary so I'm doing them even if I don't wanna. I am excited to get to see Chicken Nugget on the ultrasound on Monday. I haven't seen her in nine weeks so that part will be fun. 
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