Monday, October 14, 2013

8 in 2013 Update

I started the year off with a bang and dove full force into my goals. As the year trudges along, I feel them slipping a bit and am putting on a big push to get them done!


For review, here are my 8 in 2013 goals:


I've finished two of my eight goals (Fat Mum Slim's January Challenge and Wee Little Stitches Star Wars). I'm steadily working on four of my other goals (Woodland Samplera Year in Temperatures scarf , Smitten Advent Calendar and Documenting Chicken Nugget) but I have yet to really get going on my two quilt projects. 


I need to get caught up on my Woodland Samplera Year in Temperatures scarf and Smitten Advent Calendar before I tackle the quilt projects. I am currently up to June on the Sampler (ermm, OK I still have to do April's square) and July on the scarf. I have 9 more mittens to knit for the advent calendar.  I'd really like to get all caught up on these in the next month so I can focus on the quilting projects. So much to do with my self-imposed goals! Off to craft! 
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