Monday, October 07, 2013

Of Marriages and Weddings

True Darcy

This past weekend, Scott and I headed up to Sequim for a dear friend's wedding. We met up with another dear friend and her husband for, what I jokingly called, The Wedding of the Century! Let me back up a bit, you need the full story to really appreciate what a wonderful day this really was.

Darcy at Happy Hour

Years and years ago, way back before I had met Scott, back when I was still young and carefree, back when minor things like people being jerks at work would send me into a tail-spin, I met Darcy. You can't help but like Darcy when you meet her. She is FULL of life, full of fun and full of excitement. She lives life with her heart on her sleeve which means that it has been trampled on so many times by people who just didn't appreciate all that warmth pouring out at them. Darcy is also one for adventures. Sometimes just meeting Darcy for a cup of coffee can be an adventure. We've had many adventures over the years.

Darcy  with the Chinese Lanterns in Trafalgar Square

Right before I met Scott, Darcy and I went to England to visit my good friend, Louise and her husband, Mark. Darcy had never been out of the country before and I had been to England many, many times. I think it was the first time I saw Darcy a wee bit nervous. Our England adventure started right away with hilarious laughter as we traversed through the many, many security gates at JFK to end up in a terminal with no hot food and very hungry bellies. I think we shared a dried bagel and some cheetos. The plane ride was long and hot. Darcy had to deal with a kid puking behind her seat while I slept through it all (I was taking some allergy medication that made me so sleepy!).

Rebecca and Darcy in Wicklow

We arrived in London and I sent Darcy off on a tour bus with directions to meet me at Westminster Abby. The poor thing got lost and panicked and we really didn't have cell phones that worked very well over there. Eventually we met up with loud stories of what she had encountered. In true Darcy fashion, she had met some nice people who got her to Westminster Abby and I'm sure they are now life-long friends. Darcy doesn't just meet people, she meets friends. When Darcy met my friend's husband, Mark, they became life-long friends. In fact, they might banter more on Facebook together than Lou and I do. I love it!

Day 10 (10/366): Happy Hour

Along the way, Darcy and I also met our friend Meg. We actually met her a day apart and when she told me about Darcy, I announced, well now you will know all of Seattle. The people I don't know, Darcy will know!

Picture Taking

Time went on and we all met our special someone. Well to be fair, Meg was already hooked up when Darcy and I met her and then I met Scott and eventually Darcy met Eric. Darcy and I would often talk about if we would ever meet the one. I was always confident that she would meet her one but that it might be a long journey before she got there. So this weekend when she finally got to marry him, I cried so many happy tears. Because if there is someone who deserves ALL the LOVE in the world, that person is Darcy. 

Darcy and Eric

And of course, a funny thing about Seattle. I went to college with Darcy's husband. We actually lived in the same dorm in the same house because of course, that is how it is. Their tale to the wedding aisle is long and really theirs to tell but it's a classic "Meant To Be" kind of story, a bit of a romance novel kind of story. I am a sucker for those kind of stories! 

Wedding Girls

So this weekend, the girls gathered again with our husbands in tow and it all felt complete. When Scott and I left, Darcy was dancing up a storm and sipping champagne with a glow on her face. It was a wonderful, wonderful thing to see. The toast by her father was especially dear as she is an only child and well loved by her parents. 

Scott and me

And so to my dear friend, Darcy! May you have many, many, many years of wedded bliss. May you and Eric be the old couple at Molly's wedding giving them wedding advice on surviving the years together. May you know that the marriage road is not always filled with rose petals and champagne but may it always be filled with love and respect for each other. May you only have the best in marriage. XOXO! 
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