Thursday, January 29, 2015

Collecting Memories


I'm always looking for ways to collect our family memories without too much effort on my part. I love looking back at what we've done, where we've been and who we were. I stumbled upon this fantastic idea on Modern Parents, Messy Kids and I knew this was just the memory keeping plan I was looking for.

The idea is simple. You write a line or two, each day of what you did, what you want to remember. I plan to add photos where appropriate. 


I made a trip to JoAnn's for supplies. I looked and looked for the perfect box but didn't find one until I returned home. My box used to hold Thank You notes and once the tape from the notes was removed and covered with wasabi tape, it was perfect! 


I purchased some great Project Life cards to use as monthly dividers. There are so many cute products out there. I also grabbed a date stamp because the secret librarian in me really likes date stamps. For some reason, I had a huge stack of index cards in my office so I gathered those up and counted out the cards for each month. 


I stamped out the dates on each index card for January and will add the dates to the other cards as I come to them. I then wrote in the year (2015) along with my memory. 


I was a few weeks behind on this project but I had a few notes, calendar entries and all the photos I take everyday to catch up with. I spent about half an hour getting my memory notes down. Most of the time, this shouldn't take me more than a minute or two a day. I want to make this part of our bedtime routine. We talk about what we did every day when Scott gets home and that would be a great time to write down our memory for the day. 


How do you collect memories? I'm also trying to think what else would be cool to add to our memory box to really make the memories more robust. 

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