Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 2 - barre3 Challenge Check-In!


It's almost the end of week 2 of the barre2 challenge and I am still so pumped about this workout. I just finished 5 straight days of barre3 in-studio workouts and every single one of them was awesome. I took this morning off to rest and catch up with some things at home but I'm missing my workout and my barre3 buddies.


The instructors at my studio challenged themselves to NOT repeat any of their workouts and so far they haven't. It's been awesome doing different routines and moving different body parts. I can feel my body strengthening in so many different ways. After my first class, I joked that my abs were missing but now I can feel them screaming deep inside. I've awoken them and they are angry. 

I'm also finding that barre3 allows me daily time to myself. I have an hour each morning (when I go) purely alone where I don't think about anything but "down an inch, up an inch" and I badly need this. I have a hard time shutting off my thoughts and just being in the moment. 


I made the recommended smoothie last week and did not like it. I tried so hard to choke it down and finally just gave up. I'm not that big of a fan of smoothies and I'm not surprised that I didn't like it. This week's recipe, Chocolate Truffles, looks awesome though and is Whole30 friendly. I have groceries coming tomorrow morning and I plan to make these with Molly. I'm also planning on hitting the 10 minute workout this afternoon to re-energize and get some of Molly's wiggles out. She has so many wiggles. Two weeks down! Two to go! (though I'm pretty confident that I'll be continuing on because I'm addicted!) 
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