Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Moment


Grief finds you in the most unexpected places. You might be out walking when you smell a familiar scent and are confronted with your grief. You might think, "I just need to call Dad to ask him about this situation" when you remember that you can't call Dad anymore. You might be searching for peanut butter in the store when you are reminded of your Mom. It finds you when you least expect it. 


I have this app on my phone called, TimeHop and I love it. It shows you what you posted in previous years. Scott and I love seeing Baby Molly and Newborn Maggie. We marvel and gasp about how much they've grown in such a short time. We love seeing what we were doing just a few short years ago. 

Earlier this week, my TimeHop reminded me of my Dad. Five years ago, Scott and I were preparing to marry and my parents were so excited. My Mom was calling me every night to ask me wedding questions and my Dad was busy scanning in photos for our wedding video. 

Five years later, my Mom has anoxic brain injury and lives in Assisted Living. Five years later, my Dad is gone from pancreatic cancer. Five years later, I have two amazing little girls and a fantastic husband. Five years later, everything is different. 
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