Friday, January 02, 2015

Whole30 Weekly Round-Up


Today is Day 2 of Whole30 and honestly I do feel a bit hungover. It might just be the gray Seattle weather but here we are. I'm planning on doing a weekly round-up of our meals and my thoughts on Whole30 every Friday. While we are only on Day 2, I thought it wouldn't hurt to start today with the round-up.

Yesterday went pretty well. We started out the day with some sweet potato/spinach hash, bacon and fried eggs. Those kept me going as I prepped dinner and played with the kids. For lunch, we had some Chicken Apple Sausages, more sweet potatoes and some broccoli/cauliflower. I was starving after my Barre3 class and wanted to gnaw on my arm so I threw in a hearty snack of veggie sticks, a LaraBar, fruit and a Cranberry Kombucha. 


Dinner was Creamy Lemon Chicken Kale Soup which while good was not very filling at all. I paired it with a huge salad but an hour after dinner, I was starving! I grabbed a banana and made some homemade almond butter (the things you do when hungry). It curbed the hunger monster and satisfied me. 


Snack was probably the most satisfying meal of my day and it was also the simplest, least thought out meal. 

Spirits are still high and I'm ready to plow through this first week of Whole30. I hear it gets easier and so far, it isn't too hard. There is just some extra prep and planning to ensure that we are eating right. Next week I'll see if I can get Scott to submit some of his thoughts on our endeavor. Until then, we'll be Whole30'ing on! 
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