Saturday, January 10, 2015

Whole30 Weekly Round-Up


We are 9 days into Whole30. Almost 1/3 of a way through Whole30. There are 20 more days until my coffee goes back to being the best thing about my day. Until then it will be a sorry substitute.
The past 9 days haven't been hard at all. I mean I do miss creamer in my coffee, I really miss that but otherwise it hasn't been too hard. The downsides are all the dishes and preparation each meal seems to take but the upsides have been huge!
I haven't had my mid-afternoon slump. I am rarely hungry. I have really been enjoying our meals with a few exceptions. There was a chia pudding that we made and well, let's not discuss that horrible experience. Seriously you people who eat chia pudding have way different taste buds than I do.
The kids have been eating most of the same food as Scott and I with the exception of lunch where I've been caving and giving them their most often requested Mac-n-Cheese. I've noticed that they also have more energy (how, I am not sure) but are a bit more even-keel.
We haven't always stuck to the meal plan but we've done pretty well. There was a late doctor's appointment on Wednesday which led me to the hot bar at the local grocery store searching for things in which to make dinner. I found an awesome sauce that was perfect on some steaks we had at home and some roasted veggies that rounded out our meal.

Scott has been a real trooper through this process. I've been making lunch for him to take to work everyday and he brings back the empty containers every night with a nice comment about his meal. Scott is a guy who hates taking lunch and just wants to check out all the food trucks around his office.

I've also found myself snacking less and less as time goes on. I used to snack all the time and eat bits of the kid's food. I have not been doing that at all. It's been hard to skip my afternoon Starbucks Chai Tea Latte but it's been good for me and my wallet.

This week I hope to spend more time on Sunday prepping ingredients and food for the week. I'm hoping that I will then spend less time preparing every meal. What are your Whole30 tips? How do you prep for your weekly meals? 

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