Monday, January 19, 2015

It All Comes Tumbling Down...

I broke out a set of blocks for M and now all I hear is wood crashing on wood (with giggles).

The day is carefully scheduled to allow for proper feeding, napping and energy elimination for the children. It is so carefully scheduled that if something goes awry, I often feel like it is all going to come tumbling down. The funny part is that this is all in my head. Things always go awry, things are never as carefully planned as I'd like for them to be and my kids, well while kids need routine, my kids also need flexibility.

As I embrace the word, Simple this year, I'm also trying to embrace a simpler routine. I'm trying to remember that one big activity a day is enough. More than that and everyone starts feeling overwhelmed. Molly is a super energetic kid and we work hard everyday to wear her out but that does take some planning. I like to have a plan for her (and now Maggie) everyday because otherwise the day goes sideways by 8 a.m. and it is hard to recover. But sometimes plans don't work out and then you do have to be nimble on your feet.

This morning, I went to barre3 class and grabbed my phone afterwards to make sure Scott hadn't tried to call me (which is silly because he never has and maybe I'm neurotic). I noticed that I had a text message from a friend. Her daughter, who we were going to play with today, had a fever so our playdate was canceled. At first I felt some panic because I was already exhausted. The kids haven't slept well the last two nights and I had an awesomely hard workout. Then I remembered my promise to myself to keep plans simple and that I can be nimble. I promised Molly last night that we'd go to the park today and so we shall. And that's it, we will just go to the park and play. I texted a few friends to see if they'd like to join us but if they can't, we'll still go to the park and run around like banshees. Then we'll come home and have lunch before enjoying some quiet time this afternoon. I'm hoping to have some time to cast on for Ysolda's newest shawl mystery knit-along, Follow Your Arrow 2!
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